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Hurling Injuries: Legs

September 3, 2020

Lower limb injuries are the most prevalent injury in hurling. They amount to over 2/3 of all hurling injuries. 45% of these injuries are non-contact, frequently occurring during sprinting, landing and twisting. Lower limb injury type differs significantly from those in the upper limb in hurling. Only 1.5% of lower limb hurling injuries are attributed to fractures in comparison to 36% in upper limb injuries. 48% of lower limb injuries are muscular strains in a dramatically increased proportion compared to just 5.2% in the upper limb.

The most commonly injured site is the thigh. Most thigh injuries are muscular, i.e. hamstring & quadriceps strains/contusion injuries. Thigh injuries make up 23% of overall injuries and 33.5% of lower limb injuries. Knee injuries are more inclined to involve ligament and cartilage, they comprise 12% of all injuries and 17.5% of lower limb injuries. Pelvic and groin injuries make up 15% of lower limb injuries and involve the hip joint and its surrounding muscles. Ankle injuries also have a significant presence in the game of hurling. They make up 9% of all injuries and 13.6% of lower limb injuries in isolation. Ankle injuries usually involve the ligaments surrounding the ankle joint causing instability.