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High Performance Rehab

Our high performance training is designed to get you the best results by tailoring an exercise programme to you. This is the perfect way to rehab from an injury, after surgery, to get ready for return to sport or looking to improve athletic performance. We will work with you in our high performance gym. The session last 30 minutes and is supervised by Chartered Physiotherapist who is certified and specialises in functional rehab, strength and conditioning.

Our functional rehab gym is fully equipped with Olympics bars and plates, free weights, speed and agility equipment and plenty of open space. It has everything you need for your return to the highest level of your chosen sport in better condition than you left it.

We believe in the opportunity to play and compete at the highest level.

With our expert guidance we can progress and help you optimize your movement, flexibility, strength, speed and power to allow you to reach your peak.

You don’t have to be injured to get better! We also work with injury free people who are looking to optimise their performance, allowing them to do what they do best, only better. We will create you a custom made gym program to suit your needs and goals. Let us know your gym goals and we will help you get there!

Maximize your recovery from injury

Progress your athletic performance

Improve your flexibility
and agility

End stage rehabilitation & preparation for return to play

Improve your strength & conditioning

Specific gym program created to your goals and needs

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