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At ReBalance Physiotherapy, we always look at your alignment and your feet if you have pain in your back or legs. 

Custom made orthotics are tailor made insoles placed into your shoes or boots to correct abnormal alignment or biomechanics of your knees, ankles and feet.

Postural malalignment issues are a very common cause of gradual onset pain. If we find any malalignment on assessment, we will always discuss the options for physiotherapy treatment and/or custom made orthotics for your recovery goals.

Control excessive movement at the ankle and knee joints

Minimise flattening of the arches of your feet

correct weight bearing distribution through the joints and soft tissues of your legs.

Please note that orthotics do not permanently correct any structural abnormalities, they allow the body to work correctly when worn – a little like glasses.

Custom made orthotics are made to the exact shape of your feet. A mould of your foot is taken with specific measurements of how your foot and ankle moves.

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