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(01) 441 0100


Physiotherapy Session:
Consultant Physio: €70
Senior Physio €65

Vestibular Rehab:
Assessment (60 minute): €140
Follow Up (30 minute): €70

Student / Medical Card Holders / Over 65's:
Consultant Physio: €60
Senior Physio €55

€120 for 6 Group Classes
€65 for a Private Class

Massage Therapist Session:
Deep Tissue Massage: €70
Students/Medical Card Holders/ Over 65's: €60

Shockwave Therapy:
Consultant Physio: €80
Senior Physio €75

Custom-Made Orthotics:
Carbonfiber: €350
CAD/CAM: €400

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All our physiotherapy fees are eligible for submission to private health insurance companies and Revenue for reimbursement or tax relief. See Payment Terms and Conditions for more info.