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Daniel Quinn B.A., B.Sc., C.S.C.S., M.I.S.C.P

Daniel is a graduate of Trinity College, Ireland, where he received degrees in Physiotherapy and Physiology and was awarded a highly prestigious scholarship during his Physiotherapy education. Daniel specializes in musculoskeletal physiotherapy that includes injuries resulting from car accidents, sports, surgeries, and common aches such as muscle and joint pains.

Daniel creates individualized treatment plans tailored to each patients specific needs based on hands-on manual therapy techniques and exercises prescription to allow his patients to reach their goals as fast as possible. Depending on your injury requirements Daniel may also use dry needling, electrotherapy, taping and ergonomic or postural advice to aid in your rehabilitation.

Daniel has a belief in lifelong learning and using the latest developments to provide you the best rehabilitation program. He has a passion for providing patients with exercises that will ensure a lasting effect from your treatments. To do this he has achieved the designation Certified Strength and Condition Specialist and has previously had scientific research published in the areas of exercise and back pain.

He has undergone further learning in manual therapies such as Soft Tissue Release, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Pilates, Dry Needling and was awarded a distinction during postgraduate certificate in Clinical Exercise.

In Daniel’s spare time he like to keep fit by taking part in sports such as soccer, cycling, running, swimming and weight training. Daniel was previously a competitive rugby player until University level, and has now switched his focus to triathlons.

Linda Silke BSC. , M.I.S.C.P

Linda graduated with a first class honours Physiotherapy degree from Trinity College Dublin. As part of her studies she completed research in the area of physiotherapy after breast cancer surgery. After graduating top of her class she spent 2 years working in a large general hospital in Singapore. There she completed rotations in orthopaedics, care of the elderly and sports physiotherapy.

She continued her passion of working with those with musculoskeletal and sports injuries in a busy private practice, before relocating back to Ireland.Linda believes strongly in the power of exercise therapy, and uses the latest research to guide her practice. She prescribes exercise programs specific to the patients problem, whether that be a painful shoulder or a stiff knee, and strives to meet their goals in a fast but safe manner.

Depending on the patients problem, Linda may use hands on techniques such as dry needling, joint mobilisations or soft tissue therapy in order to reduce pain and increase mobility of the involved muscles and joints, in order to get you back moving!

Linda has a passion for continuing professional development, attending lectures, conferences and workshops regularly. She has gone on to complete First Aid training in sport, and Immediate Care in Rugby courses run by the World Rugby Union. She is also certified in dry needling.

In her spare time, Linda likes to keep active by cycling, playing football and boxing.