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The Clinic

ReBalance Physiotherapy is a Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic and Pilates Studio located beside Merrion Square, Dublin 2. ReBalance Physiotherapy is an innovative private practice. We combine the latest medical research and high performance expertise with a friendly hands on approach. This ensures that we deliver the best results in reducing pain, increasing function and improving performance.

ReBalance Physiotherapy was set up in 2015 by Daniel Quinn. By combining high standards, best practices and great customer care, ReBalance Physiotherapy is becoming renowned for highly effective rehabilitation. We have a growing presence in Dublin working with a lot of local sports teams and businesses.

The city centre clinic incorporates three treatment rooms, Pilate’s studio and high performance Strength and Conditioning gym.

As well as being a sports injury clinic, we also provide vestibular rehab for conditions such as BPPV, concussion, Meniere's disease and more.

You will receive the highest level of care as all of our physiotherapists are members of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. We use the most up to date research in deciding your best treatment plan.

The Team

Daniel Quinn B.A., B.Sc., C.S.C.S., M.I.S.C.P

Daniel is a graduate of Trinity College, Ireland, where he received degrees in Physiotherapy and Physiology and was awarded a highly prestigious scholarship during his Physiotherapy education. Daniel specializes in musculoskeletal physiotherapy that includes injuries resulting from car accidents, sports, surgeries, and common aches such as muscle and joint pains.

Daniel creates individualized treatment plans tailored to each patients specific needs based on hands-on manual therapy techniques and exercises prescription to allow his patients to reach their goals as fast as possible. Depending on your injury requirements Daniel may also use dry needling, electrotherapy, taping and ergonomic or postural advice to aid in your rehabilitation.

Daniel has a belief in lifelong learning and using the latest developments to provide you the best rehabilitation program. He has a passion for providing patients with exercises that will ensure a lasting effect from your treatments. To do this he has achieved the designation Certified Strength and Condition Specialist and has previously had scientific research published in the areas of exercise and back pain. He has undergone further learning in manual therapies such as Soft Tissue Release, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Pilates, Dry Needling and was awarded a distinction during postgraduate certificate in Clinical Exercise.  

In Daniel’s spare time he like to keep fit by taking part in sports such as soccer, cycling, running, swimming and weight training. Daniel was previously a competitive rugby player until University level, and has now switched his focus to triathlons.

Lauren Clark B.Sc, M.Sc

Lauren is from San Diego, California and made the moved to Dublin in 2014. She received avolleyball scholarship and attended Dominican University of California in San Franciscowhere she played volleyball and studied for 2 years before transferring to Point LomaNazarene University in San Diego where she graduated with an honours degree.

Prior to coming to Ireland she worked in 2 different Physiotherapy clinics and gained experience working with a range of musculoskeletal injuries. She then completed her Masters degree at University College Dublin and graduated with a first class honours. As part of her studies she completed research in the area of preventing running related injuries using small, high tech sensor technology.

While completing her Masters Degree she had the unique opportunity to work with the Irish Defence Forces and gained valuable experience treating high level military personnel. Lauren believes strongly in the power of manual therapy combined with exercise prescription, and uses the latest research to guide her practice.

She prescribes exercise programs specific to the patients’ problem and loves to help people get back to what they love doing- pain free and as quickly and safely as possible. She believes in the power of exercise and uses it both as a treatment technique and as an injury prevention tool to help you avoid recurrence.

Depending on the patient’s problem, Lauren will use hands on techniques such as trigger point release, joint mobilisations or soft tissue therapy in order to reduce pain and increase mobility of the involved muscles and joints, in order to get you back moving!

Lauren has a passion for continuing professional development, attending lectures,conferences and workshops regularly. She has undergone further education in Pilates and dry needling, among other things. In her spare time, Lauren plays Volleyball for UCD in the Irish Premier League, and stays active by running, surfing and snowboarding.

Gráinne McCullough, BSc, MISCP.

Dublin born, Gráinne completed her undergraduate degree in University College Dublin where she was awarded an entrance scholarship and graduated with a first degree honours in Physiotherapy.

During her degree, Gráinne had the unique opportunity to work within some of Ireland and Europe’s medical, surgical and rehabilitative specialist centres of excellence which offered her invaluable insight and experience to carry forward in her career. She also worked in the national specialist centre of weight management alongside some of the leading Irish clinical specialists in this area which broadened her perspective on the role of exercise and health behaviours in general wellness.

Gráinne has a keen interest in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy and has worked in both of these areas privately prior to joining the team a tReBalance. Her passion for sports physiotherapy has geared her towards musculoskeletal physiotherapy and this was reinstated by her experience as a resident sports physiotherapist at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Her experience there also fuelled her research in the area of injury incidence in competitive collegiate athletes.

Gráinne has great faith in manual therapies in conjunction with targeted exercise therapy. She uses relevant research to guide her exercise prescription and is a believer in the use of exercise to achieve patient oriented goals, return to activity & function, and injury prevention. Gráinne’s style of assessment and treatment aims to always treat the individual at hand holistically to assure a robust recovery and healthy return to their daily life and activities.

Gráinne believes in persistent and versatile learning and her passion for continued professional development facilitates this. She strives for a rounded and ongoing education through attending lectures and conferences. She has also undergone further education areas such as dry needling. She is devoted to leading by example in invoking a healthy lifestyle, staying active by running, swimming and hiking.


Physiotherapy Session:
Consultant Physio: €70
Senior Physio €65

Vestibular Rehab:
Assessment (60 minute): €140
Follow Up (30 minute): €70

Student / Medical Card Holders / Over 65's:
Consultant Physio: €60
Senior Physio €55

€140 for 6 Group Classes
€25 per Group Class
€70 for a Private Class

Massage Therapist Session:
Deep Tissue Massage: €70

Shockwave Therapy:
Consultant Physio: €80
Senior Physio €75

Custom-Made Orthotics:
Carbonfiber: €350
CAD/CAM: €400

All our physiotherapy fees are eligible for submission to private health insurance companies and Revenue for reimbursement or tax relief. See Payment Terms and Conditions for more info.