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Environmental Efforts

In 2019, ReBalance Physiotherapy decided to do its part for the environment. An audit of the clinic's functioning and its effects on the environment was undertaken. The results of the audit demonstarted an excessive use of paper, increased deliveries that could be reduced in number and the use of environmentally unfriendly cleaning products.

As a team we decided to reduce our net contribution on the environment. One example of this was the implementation of software that would reduce our paper use from 15,000 pieces of paper per year to less than 100.

We also chose to use environmentally friendly cleaners in the clinic in non-clinical areas.

Finally behind the scenes we are disposing of waste through general and recycled pathways. We are also using recycled paper as our only source of paper. Finally, we are ordering supplies in bulk and from package free sources where possible.

Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint on this earth without having any effect on your treatment.

What changes have we implemented?


Your medical chart and personal information will be stored electronically.

Physio dublin city

Your receipt will be emailed to you. if you would like a credit card receipt please ask.

Physio sports injuries

All out paper will be created from recycled sources.

Shockwave physio

All of cleaning products will be organic, or environmentally friendly to meet health and safety standards.

Dry needling

Reduce our carbon footprint by ordering from package free suppliers, and ordering in bulk.


Encourage correct disposal of recyclable goods.

Our electricity is supplied by green energy suppliers that obtain they're energy from sustainable sources.

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