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An Introduction to ReBalance Physiotherapy

April 14, 2020

Welcome to ReBalance Physiotherapy 

ReBalance Physiotherapy is a new clinic in Merrion Square, Dublin 2. The clinic’s focuses is on treating musculoskeletal injuries such as back and neck pain, sports injuries, sprains and muscular strains, post-surgical rehabilitation while also becoming the leading in clinic for medical exercise prescription.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

In treating musculoskeletal injuries we use a variety of techniques depending on the injury and your needs. To decrease pain and reduce muscle spasms, dry needling, manual stretching and specific massage techniques are used. Once the pain is under control, we provide a home exercise program for all patients to help manage their injury and return them to full health. The aim of all our treatments is to not only reduce the pain and return you to normal life and sport, but to also ensure that you receive the latest medically researched treatment techniques to prevent a reoccurrence of the injury.

Clinical Exercise Prescription 

ReBalance Physiotherapy is also one of the leading clinic in Ireland for exercise prescription for medical illnesses such as anxiety, depression, cardiac issues, respiratory dysfunctions and cancer rehabilitation. We tailor your rehabilitation based on the best exercise type for your condition, but more importantly we alter it to fit you physiological needs. For example, coronary heart failure patients respond better to resistance exercises such as weight training, while anxiety and depression shows more favourable results to running and jogging. However the intensity of these exercises can be tailored to you based on your physiological responses to exercise and your heart rate. A perfect example of this is that medical treatment for prostate cancer has been proven to be more effective when it is combined with interval training – so much so that there are greater than 70% less deaths in patients who undergo correct exercise prescriptions.

If you have any questions about our Lower Mount Street clinic and its services please call us on 01 441 0100.