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Online Physio Consultation

Due to the risk imposed by COVID-19 on people and their families we are now offering Online Physiotherapy Consultations. We are working hard to keep our clinic open for all our patients and to accommodate both online and face to face consultations, as appropriate for these patients.

The safety of our patients and our team is our utmost priority in this challenging time, however we do have a responsibility to provide continuing care to our patients suffering from musculoskeletal conditions and vertigo.

Online Physio Consultations are a great way to treat new injuries or provide support to you during your recovery from injury. The 30 minute consultation will allow us to assess your injury, demonstrate treatment techniques, exercises and provide you with your online rehab programme. We can also answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Benefits of Online Consultations

Convenient access to our Physiotherapist from your home

Injury diagnosis

Injury prevention advice

Reduced travel time

Exercises Prescription and Development

We can give you expert advice on which muscle and structures are tight and advice on how to self-manage these problems in the future.

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